The Nubist Colony

a group of adventurous souls enjoying the wild

The Nubist Colony was created by Sierra Madre customers as a way for Nubé owners to share their Nubé adventures!

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Upcoming Hangs


6th Annual Louisiana Group Hang | Kitsatchie Bayou Hang, Cajun camping!

Where: Kitsatchie Bayou Campsite- coordinates 31.44719, -93.093590 

When: March 16-19

Cost: $2.00 per night 

Meals: Saturday night there will be a group meal including a whole, BBQ pig! 

Raffle: there will be a raffle for awesome swag at $1.00 per ticket!

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Also Upcoming...

BlackJack Crawfish Hang

Location: Batesville, MS 

April 21-23


1st Annual SMr Nubist Colony

Location TBD 

June, 2017

Past Hangs


Hang Con 2017 | Florida hang of January 2017, beautiful views!

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The Black Jack | Mississippi hang of November 2016, a good bet!

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The MAHHA | Pennsylvania hang of October 2016, only the best!

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