About Sierra Madre Research

The name Sierra Madre Research or SMr was chosen to represent this company specifically because of the Sierra Madre mountain range; this range stretches from southern Arizona to Honduras passing through Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador along the way. These mountains cover a massive range of our world’s culture and affect so many lives with their adventure and beauty. Like a spine running through a body of land the Sierra Madre range connects North America to Central America; which symbolizes Sierra Madre Research’s mantra of connecting people with Adventure and Hope.  We build high quality, innovative products for the outdoor enthusiast, our products are developed in-house through real world use and extensive research, each product is meticulously built by industry leading manufacturers from around the world that share our ethical views, with a portion of our profits we drill clean water wells in Central America. Research, Innovation, Quality, and Hope. 

How we got started:

In September of 2009, our founder Richard Rhett set off on an adventure to a remote village in Honduras with a group of people intent on spreading the love of Christ and helping care for the medical needs of the poor. While in the midst of the dirt streets of Le Patarique, Honduras it became evident that devastation ran amok here and one of the main contributors was the lack of clean drinking water. “My eyes were opened to a facet of life that I had never even given a second thought, what if every drop of water that went down my throat caused illness instead of refreshment? Would I even want to go on?” Richard wrote in his journal while on the trip.  Water borne illness is the number 1 killer of infants and number 2 killer of children worldwide. Frankly, in this day and age we think that is unacceptable. "Knowing this and seeing it first hand with my own eyes, there was no way that I could ever disregard these facts now, and thus the journey began, with the guidance and grace of my Savior Jesus Christ we have set out to do what so many before us and around us are doing, be instruments of change" stated Richard.

“A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step” stated by Lao Tzu.

While on this trip to Le Patarique Richard attempted to sleep in a hammock each night, ultimately being disappointed with the performance (or lack thereof) of the product. Like any mechanical engineer his mind began to ponder on creating the perfect camping hammock. "Ideas started flowing and before I left, God had placed incredible plans in front of me; the core of those plans was an outdoor gear company that sells gear for a purpose, clean water" stated Richard Rhett. Upon his return he purchased a 1979 Sears and Roebuck sewing machine for $50 and began making prototypes and sourcing fabrics, in pursuit of the perfect fit and finish for a camping hammock.

Sierra Madre Research or SMr was founded August of 2010.

Our journey thus far has been nothing short of incredible, launching new to market products in the hammock industry, running a manufacturing facility in Managua, Nicaragua, drilling clean water wells in Central America, showcasing our products on national television, and traveling the world testing our gear and finding better ways to enable Adventure in people's lives - while bringing Hope to those in need. Join us as we press in and dig deep to Advocate Change in this beautiful world.