Nubist Colony | November 11, 12 and 13th, 2016 @ Black Jack- Batesville, MS


What:  1st Annual Black Jack Hang

Where:  Batesville, MS: 34.350139, -89.782587 MAP HERE

When: November 11-13, 2016

When I say this was a hang that exceeded all is a vast understatement. Friday morning dawned warm and bathed in golden sunlight. The early morning held the promise for a beautiful afternoon and a comfortable hang near Batesville, MS. When I arrived at the site, nearing dark, I was greeted jovially by a lively campfire and even livelier group of hammockers seated around. The next detail I took in was the amazing smell of venison roasting in tinfoil and bacon-wrapped sausages sizzling on bamboo skewers. The atmosphere was inviting- as soon as I had arrived I felt the sense of community. Foodstuffs were combined and everyone shared- drink, treats, gear, stories, seats, laughs, photos- if there was something you needed just ask! As we all headed off to our hang spots you could hear questions shouted in the dark- "Do ya'll need an underquilt?" "Do you need a sleeping pad?" This was a group who clearly takes care of each other. Snuggled in our respective sleeping bags and hanging in full-bellied bliss everyone eventually drifted off to sleep, awakened only by the occasional disgruntled grunt of someone tripping over a guy-line while making their way to the bathroom. 

Saturday morning was refreshingly brisk and bright with sunlight. We all eventually moseyed to the campfire to find a full breakfast waiting for us! Bacon, eggs, biscuits, sausage, coffee, croissants- we all ate until we were stuffed then plopped down into chairs around the smoldering fire in a full-belly haze. The kids all ran off for exploring and utilizing the zip-line nearby. The day passed in blur. There were puppies, chickens and horses to ogle over and even carriage rides! If I were to conjure from my imagination the best hammocking trip- this would surpass it. 

Saturday evening came quickly and, once again, we all gathered for a community supper- Jambalaya, Gumbo and Pork chops with potatoes. I sampled everything and still wanted more! When it came time for us to leave I felt like I was leaving family and looked forward to the next time we all would be able to get together!