Nubé Hammock Shelter (Steel Grey)

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Nubé Hammock Shelter (Steel Grey)

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The Nubé™ is a lightweight all-in-one hammock shelter that perfectly integrates with any camping hammock! The all-in-one design offers rain 

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The Nubé Hammock Shelter - 3 in 1 Tree Tent

The Nubé (new-bay) is more than just a hammock shelter, it’s a safe haven for you and your gear wherever you are. With it’s patented 3 in 1 system the Nubé is the most complete hammock shelter available. The Rain Fly protects you from torrential down pours, the Insect Shield protects you from pesky insects, and the Gear Stash keeps your gear elevated and protected giving you easy access to all of the trail gadgets in your pack. The Insect Shield and Gear Stash can be rolled up and secured out of the way for an impromptu card game or a collaborative feast! The Nubé is designed to integrate seamlessly with all SMr Hammocks, but it is also compatible with any brand camping hammock*, so now we can all enjoy complete elevated protection! Check out the Nubé video above!

What's new for Nubé?

Nubé utilizes a strengthened fabric with seam strengths tripled of what our previous version had. We have reshaped the patterns for increased interior space and created a larger gear storage area. We have completely redesigned our principle seam and added factory seam tape to all water vulnerable seams. The Nubé is deemed our "bullet proof" fortress of protection for your camping hammock, ready to take you deep into adventure with unprecedented comfort! 

Interested in knowing more about the updates to the Nubé Hammock Shelter? Download this .pdf for more details

What's in the box?

Nubé Hammock Shelter:

  • Nubé 3-in-1 Shelter (Rain Protection, Insect Shield, and Gear Storage System)
  • 8 Nubé Stakes
  • 8 Sets of 2mm Dyneema Cordage w/ Reflective Tracers
  • Duro Sack Compression Bag w/ Detachable Stake Bag

Nubé Specifications: 

  • Nubé Weight (including all tie out lines): 3 lb 2 oz
  • Nubé Duro Sack Weight: 6 oz
  • Nubé Stakes and Stake Bag Weight: 4.6 oz
  • Nubé Length: 12 - 13 ft* (pending set-up)
  • Nubé Width: 9 ft* 
  • Nubé Rain Fly: Nylon Ripstop with Silicone impregnated exterior coatings and an interior 1200 mm waterproof polyurethane coating. 

Accessories Available: 

  • The Nubé Floor is an accessory that gives you the ability to set up your Nubé hammock tent as a ground shelter, without trees.
  • The Nubé Winter Barrier is an accessory that gives your Nubé 4th season protection.  
  • Pro Tip: The Double Stuff-Lite can be used to carry the Nubé Hammock Shelter when weight savings is a top priority - Save 5 oz by swapping your Duro Sack for the Double Stuff-Lite. 


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Extensive research has been performed to ensure your safety. The Nubé Hammock Shelter is specifically designed for a single user, however it is possible to protect two users in the Nubé - see these videos for more info! The attached warning label indicates specific requirements that should not be ignored. Each product is inspected for excellent quality and craftsmanship. 


Each (one) product sold generates clean water for (one) person in Honduras for (one) year. So when you purchase this product you are giving fresh drinking water for (one) person who is currently living without it. Thank you for partnering with us as an Advocate of Change!  Read more about our (One) mission!  

* The Nubé is not literally bullet proof, this term is used to reflect its durable construction and robust materials. 

* The Length given is a depiction of full length of protection, due to the Closure Sleeves implemented into the Nubé design. Width used is total center wing width. Pending set-up, these distances may vary slightly.  

* The Nubé itself is not designed to bear any weight. Your hammock suspension system bears the weight of the user and the Gear Stash combined. All weight limitations are based on SMr's EZSlings and SMr's Climb-Rated carabiners, (SMr Suspension System is tested to 1,000lbs.) 

* Sierra Madre Research is not liable in the case that any other brand of hammock suspension system fails while using the Nubé. If using any other brand hammock with the Nubé, please check it's weight limitations before setting it up with the Nubé and Gear Stash. (Or just retire your old hammock and convert to the strength and comfort of a Pares Hammock!)

* A camping hammock being defined as a small packable hammock, excluding hammocks with rain tarps permanently attached or poles necessary for set up. Be sure to check out our camping hammocks the Pares HammockSolo Hammock, and the xPlor Hammock!