Stratos Hammock Shelter (Steel Grey)

Nube Stratos Product Pics Steel Grey Updated.jpg
Nube Stratos Product Pics Steel Grey Updated.jpg

Stratos Hammock Shelter (Steel Grey)

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The Stratos™ is a lightweight modular hammock shelter that perfectly integrates two layers of protection for you and your gear!

(Hammock not included, check out our Combo Packs to add a hammock!)

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The Stratos Hammock Shelter

The Stratos offers serious modular protection for you and your gear in a light weight package. The Stratos is comprised of a base layer known as the Stratos Shield and an external layer known as the Stratos Fly. The Stratos Shield gives a spacious bug free interior space and a gear storage area, to store up to 100lbs of gear! The Stratos Fly utilizes an asymmetric design to maximize protected space and minimize weight. The Stratos Shield and Stratos Fly can be used separately to help trim weight or just enjoy the sky, but the two products come together seamlessly to form the Stratos giving you perfected versatility and stoic protection!

What's in the box?

Stratos Hammock Shelter:

  • Stratos Fly (External Layer)
  • (4) Y Stakes / Stake Bag
  • (6) sets of 2mm Dyneema Cordage w/ Reflective Tracers
  • Stratos Fly Stuff-Sack
  • Stratos Shield (Base Layer)
  • (4) Y Stakes / Stake Bag
  • (4) sets of 2mm Dyneema Cordage w/ Reflective Tracers
  • Stratos Shield Stuff-Sack 

Stratos Specifications: 

  • Stratos Fly Weight: 20 oz (estimated)
  • Stratos Fly + Stakes Weight: 23 oz 
  • Stratos Fly Hammock Coverage Length: 12ft
  • Stratos Fly Minimum Tree Span: 9.6ft 
  • Stratos Fly Width: 9 ft*
  • Stratos Shield Weight: 20oz (estimated)
  • Stratos Shield + Stakes Weight: 23 oz
  • Stratos Shield Hammock Coverage Length: 12ft

Accessories Available: 

  • The StoPocket is a lightweight storage pocket that connects into the Stratos Interior Sky Hooks.  
  • All of the SMr Hammocks: ParesSolo, and xPlor! Be sure to add EZSlings and Carabiners!

The Stratos Fly has six tie out points for secure aerodynamic structuring, but with its asymmetric design it only needs four stakes to secure it to the ground. The Stratos Fly utilizes SMr's patented Sky Hook suspension technique which eliminates a center seam and increases your set up versatility. The Stratos Fly uses our patented Closure Sleeves at each end to seal around your suspension system and eliminate water channeling into your shelter via suspension lines. We incorporated T-Locks into our center tie out points which enables you to lock in your trekking pole and adjust the pitch of your wings, giving you a better view on blue-bird days! The Stratos Shield integrates seamlessly with the Stratos Fly utilizing our new interior Sky Hooks and the Stratos Fly's four tie out points - having a system that was designed to work together significantly reduces weight and set up complexity. The Stratos is designed to integrate seamlessly with all SMr Hammocks, but it was designed to be compatible with any brand camping hammock*! 

Extensive research has been performed to ensure your safety. The Stratos Hammock Shelter is specifically designed for a single user, however it is possible to protect two users in the Stratos! The attached warning label indicates specific requirements that should not be ignored. Each product is inspected for excellent quality and craftsmanship. 


Each (one) product sold generates clean water for (one) person in Honduras for (one) year. So when you purchase this product you are giving fresh drinking water for (one) person who is currently living without it. Thank you for partnering with us as an Advocate of Change!  Read more about our (One) mission!