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The EZSlings™ are the EASIEST way to hang your Pares™, Solo™, or xPlor™ hammock! These hammock suspension straps are stronger, lighter, and small enough to pack away in your hammock compression bag! (Sold by the pair)

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EZSlings Hammock Suspension Straps - Unmatchable Strength You Can Depend On

The EZSlings make setting up a Pares, Solo, or xPlor Hammock EASY. Simply wrap an EZSling around your tree of choice, thread the rope through the loop, clip a Carabiner to the EZSling and to your hammock, and then relax! EZSlings give you versatility when setting up in different locations and are extremely strong / light weight. The EZSlings consist of tubular polyester webbing with two sewn loops and 12 strand Dyneema rope. This combination gives you protection and strength in all of the crucial areas, and also helps reduce the weight and size of the EZSlings. The EZSlings are designed to neatly fit in your Pares/Solo/xPlor compression bag, so there is no need for an extra bag. 

The EZSlings also protect the tree from scarring or any other damage that may be caused to a tree by small ropes used to hang your hammock. We encourage the "Leave No Trace" initiative.

What's in the Box:

  • (2) SMr-EZSlings
  • EZSlings Stuff Sack

EZSling Hammock Suspension Straps Specifications: 

  • Dual Reflective Tracers
  • Tested strength 1,000 lbs
  • Total Length: 10 ft 4 in per EZSling
  • Tree Strap Dimensions: Length 5 ft 3 in Width: 0.75 in
  • Dyneema Rope Dimensions: Length 5 ft 1 in Width: 0.125 in per rope
  • Weight: 6.5 ounces for the pair
  • Connection points per EZSling: 9