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If you don't have camping gear or would just like to try out our gear.
What would you like to bring to the Pot Luck? Sierra Madre will cover the main dish!

That's right! Sierra Madre Research is hosting our first Nubist hang! It will be a fun filled event for the family! Be sure to check out the FAQ page for more details! All campers are welcome, if you need gear just let us know!

The Nubist Colony

a group of adventurous souls enjoying the wild

The Nubist Colony was created by Sierra Madre customers as a way for Nubé owners to share their Nubé adventures!

Click here to join the Facebook Group "The Nubist Colony (Nubé Owners)"! 


Upcoming Hangs

  • Nubist Colony Hang October 20-22nd at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Spencer, TN
  • Black Jack / Nubist Hang November 10-12th at a stellar private camp ground in Batesville, MS Sign up here!



Past Hangs


The Great Hangout| Clinton Community Nature Center: In MS?!

Where: Clinton, MS: See Map

When: April 28-29th

Cost: Between $3-$10

Meals: Hot Dog Roast and S'mores Friday night

Sign Up by Phone at 601-926-1104, or 601-473-2200



The Blackjack Hang and Crawfish Boil | Mississippi hang of April 2017, Cajun Cookin'!

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The MAHHA Spring Hang | Pennsylvania hang of April 2017, Take 2!

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The Sipsey | Alabama hang of April 2017, Waterfalls everywhere!

Check out the full story here!


The HangCon | Florida hang of January 2017, beautiful views!

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The Black Jack | Mississippi hang of November 2016, a good bet!

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The MAHHA | Pennsylvania hang of October 2016, only the best!

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