Blackjack | Spring 2017

The Blackjack Hang and Crawfish Boil, Spring 2017 | April 21, 22 and 23 @ Batesville, MS

What: The Blackjack Hang and Crawfish Boil, Spring 2017

Where: Batesville, MS: Location: 34.350139, -89.782587; Map of Area

When: April 21-23, 2017

A little rain never hurt anyone! This mantra ran through my mind as I drove through the third-consecutive, thundering storm-system on my drive up I-55 to Batesville. When I arrived, I was met by the familiar sight of mud-splattered vehicles, parked in the middle of a thicket, and a group of friendly hammockers enjoying the spicy aroma of boiling crawfish. While gathering my gear, I could hear familiar voices chatting jovially a few meters away. Time slid easily away while we all caught-up, anticipating the night's meal. A little while later, we all were rewarded with buckets of perfectly-seasoned crawfish, potatoes, corn and other fixings, heaped on the table. Despite the spice, we all ate until our lips, and other appendages, went numb. One-by-one people succumbed to the burn and left the table, quite satisfied. We all then gathered around the campfire and talked over an interesting variety of practical topics such as: bug-out locations, zombie apocalypse survival, The Lost City of Z, NOT politics, kids these days, movies, ISIS as a franchise, NOT politics, hammocking in South America, hiking the Appalachian Trail and finally- NOT politics. Eventually, as people nodded off by the fire, we all wandered to our respective hammocks to sleep through that night's lulling rain showers.

Refreshed, we awoke to the smell of freshly-brewed coffee, sizzling bacon, scrambled eggs and cheesy sausage. At one point, while sipping on a perfectly- brewed cup of coffee and chatting with the group, I thought- who needs civilization? A little while later, we gathered for a group photo before everyone returned to the "real world". As we packed up and hugged each other for the last time, it occurred to me that this was the real world, or at least what it should look like- people coming together to laugh, chat, hug and genuinely bond. Thanks for the awesome experience guys~ until next time!