Meet the SMrAdventurers

Meet our team of thrill-seeking, wander-lusting, no-trail-left-untrekked explorers. The folks who always take the road less travelled and never regret it! Luckily for us, this band of adventurers is willing to test our gear in some of the most unforgiving environments- and live to tell the tale. If you would like to join the ranks of fearless SMrAdventurers check out how here!

Erik Hiking.jpg

Erik Barstow

"Guardian of the Vortex"

SMrAdventurer, hiker, backpacker, Marine Corps Veteran, photographer, survivor

Erik discovered the healing power of hiking the Appalachian Trail after battling a debilitating case of Lyme's Disease, which had left him bedridden and wheelchair-bound. Now, Erik enjoys hiking and photographing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where he works at White Mountains Lodge and Hostel- a sanctuary for through-hikers, located right off the Appalachian Trail.

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Chronically Resilient: Overcoming Lyme's Disease on the Appalachian Trail

Fit for the Rugged Trail: The Nubé Stratos Hammock Shelter on the AT

Chad Haynes 


SMrAdventurer, hiker, backpacker, snowboarder, mountain biker, Jeeper and artist- designer, inventor, photographer and woodworker

Not a stranger to the outdoors, Chad was the first person to through-hike the entire Appalachian Trail using SMr hammock-camping equipment and a mean pair of Reebok ATV 19's. You can find him working in his woodshop or designing a new hiking stick @hikingstick2.0 in his neck of the woods-West Virginia.

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SMr Hammock Gear on the Appalachian Trail: Part I

SMr Hammock Gear on the Appalachian Trail: Part II



Ariel Miranda


SMrAdventurer, mother, biologist, runner, hiker, backpacker, and trail "doc"

Raised at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia, Ariel spent as much time as possible exploring the woods, streams, lakes and mountains. As a student, she would put these skills to use hiking, backpacking and researching amphibians and reptiles in the rainforests of Borneo. 

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Borneo: Rainforest, Ridges and Reptile Research

Tom Evertsson

"Swedish Tom"

SMrAdventurer, Paramedic/Trauma Nurse, hiker, champion mountain-biker, camper, bushcrafter, snowboarder, skier and traveller 

Living in Jönköping, Sweden, Tom has access to the incredible beauty of Europe and has visited more continents than most have dreamed (all but Africa and South America)! Combining his love for anything outdoors with an insatiable desire for adventure, Tom's passport has stamps from Australia, New Zealand, Iceland and Kauai! 

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Swedes on Kauai: An Epic Day Hammocking in Hawaii!



Soner Kubat

SMrAdventurer, Hair Stylist, hiker, backpacker, outdoor enthusiast, traveller and paintballer 

Originally from Turkey, Soner has made Long Island, New York his home. He's been cutting hair since he was 9 and turned this passion into a successful business with his brothers at the Kubat Barber Shop in New York. With his free time, and access to the majestic Northeast, he enjoys everything outdoors from hiking and backpacking to paint-balling. 

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Lycian Way: A Tale of Two Brothers Hammock-Camping in Turkey

Don Stephens Jr.

"D.B. Cooper"

SMrAdventurer, Firefighter, backpacker, hiker, hockey player, lover of cold weather, coffee and spending quality time with his family!

Don was born and raised in a small town in NE Pennsylvania, surrounded by the Endless Mountains, literally! After a childhood filled with running through the woods, fishing at his grandfather’s lake house, and mountain biking, he began a family with his high school sweetheart in a house he renovated one room at a time. Four years ago, he began his love affair with hammocking. Since then, he has learned to appreciate the physically-challenging, soul searching adventures that backpacking and hiking brings!

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Angela Oliver 

SMrAdventurer, Design Drafter, hiker, backpacker, traveler and camping enthusiast

Angela grew up in the southern Appalachian mountains of southwest Virginia with a deep love for all things outdoors, travel and photography.  Now transplanted in upstate South Carolina with her family she enjoys cooking, hiking, camping, photography, and spending time with family. Fairly new to the Nubist life, Angela has quickly become a hammocking junkie! 

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The Windy Trip: Hanging on at Sadler's Creek State Park

Connor Patterson

SMrAdventurer, Photographer, hiker, runner, biker, traveller and blogger

Born in the wilderness of Canada, but raised in the Pacific Northwest, Connor is no stranger to the outdoors. He travels as frequently as possible all over the western United States and Canada, searching for the most amazing shots and adventures! When he’s not out in the wilderness, taking pictures, you could find him working as a surgery tech at a hospital or going to school to become a journalist!

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